Featured Adoptables: Gordon the Bearded Dragon

July 10th, 2010 6:59 pm by Kelly G.


Perched atop some leaves, Gordon the Bearded Dragon stares past the camera. Photo courtesy MamaDori’s Jungle.

Ugh, late again! I should just change the Featured Adoptable from Wednesday to Friday. Or from Wednesday to whenever I bloody well feel like it. Ah, anyway. Enough with the griping. Let’s meet Gordon, shall we?


Gordon takes a sip from his miniature Gothic water fountain. Photo courtesy MamaDori’s Jungle.

Gordon LOVES to sleep on your shoulder!

Gordon is probably almost an adult male Bearded Dragon. He was brought here with no information. The person who had him had been feeding him 4 Dubia roaches every two weeks. It is amazing he lived through that. He needs to eat that much a day PLUS veggies and fruits. He also enjoys mealworms, crickets but they are not good for a regular diet. They are like lizard junk food.

Gordon loves people and he is not afraid of other animals. He loves to sleep on your shoulder. He is extremely tame. Now that he is eating properly, he is up on all fours and climbing and scampering around regularly. He has been taught to eat his food in a dish.

Gordon’s adoption fee is $200. Serious inquiries only. Please do your homework and know how to care for him before trying to adopt. He comes with an enclosure that is 6’X32’x20′. The enclosure is as big as a family couch! If it were gallons, it would probably be well over 100 gallon enclosure. He will come with heat lamp, light lamp, REpti-Cal, Dragon Dust, a very large piece of driftwood, fountain, and his favorite rock.

Gordon is currently staying at MamaDori’s Jungle in Hannibal, MO; while this might seem a long drive, Gordon is also the closest lizard to Kansas City who is currently listed as available for adoption on Petfinder. Iif I had to hazard a guess, methinks the reason for the paucity of homeless lizards is two-fold: these animals are less likely to be kept as pets and, when they are no longer wanted by their owners, they’re more likely to be released into the wild than surrendered to a shelter or rescue group (either of which can be hard to find – make that threefold!).

This is a terribly stupid thing to do, for a number of reasons: the animals are likely to die, with time spent in captivity inversely related to odds of survival; releasing non-native species into an area is both illegal and potentially ecologically catastrophic; and releasing native species is illegal without a permit. So don’t do it! If you find yourself with an animal you need to rehome – whether bird, rat, cat or snake – please get in touch with local rescue groups, or see our Animals & Freecycle page for a list of contacts. Please and thank you.

Oh, and as for Gordon: if you’d like to adopt this little cutie (hey, scaled creatures need love, too!), give MamaDori a call today!


Each Wednesday, the Kansas City Freecycle blog will feature one adoptable animal from a local KC rescue group or animal shelter.

We do this for several reasons:

– To highlight the plight of abused, neglected and/or homeless non-human animals in the Kansas City (and surrounding) area.

– To remind members of our no-animal policy, and provide an alternative venue for members who wish to adopt an unwanted animal companion.

– To encourage members to adopt a furry, feathered or scaled friend.

– To help out out local animal rescue groups and animal shelters, many of which are overwhelmed by the sheer number of animals in need.

– To illustrate these animals’ unique personalities and characteristics, thus underscoring the fact that they are not objects and should not be “freecycled”.

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