Featured Adoptable: Poppy and Smudge, the Dutch and Hotot Rabbits

July 21st, 2010 10:54 am by Kelly G.


Smudge *hearts* Poppy. Smudge (left), a Hotot rabbit, is completely white, save for the small smudges of black dotting his ears. Poppy (right) is a more even mix of black and white, with an adorable black “mask” covering her eyes and ears. Photo courtesy of Missouri House Rabbit Society – Kansas City.

For this week’s edition of Featured Adoptables, I shall pull a rabbit out of my hat. Two rabbits, to be precise. And by “hat” I mean Petfinder, as rabbits clearly have no place in hats, or at least hats that are part of magic acts. Animals are not our entertainment, yo. But I digress.

Poppy and Smudge are a pair of rabbits – she, Dutch; he, from the Hotot family – who met and fell in love in their foster home (oh, talk about star-crossed lovers!). These two cuties need to find a family that will welcome them both. Maybe that’s you?

Poppy | Dutch | Small | Adult | Female | Rabbit

Poppy is an adult Dutch bunny. She was rescued by a good Samaritan who found her in a cage in Loose Park. Poppy was pregnant at the time; her babies were both adopted. She is very sweet, and is working on her litter habits. Poppy has been bonded with Smudge. If you would like to meet them, contact us at hrsmissouri [at] aol.com.

Poppy is spayed/neutered.


Smudge lounges in his cage. His eyes, impossibly large, look as though they’ve been outlined with eyeliner. Photo courtesy of Missouri House Rabbit Society – Kansas City.

Smudge | Hotot | Small | Adult | Male | Rabbit

Smudge Smudge is a sweet and soft little hopper. As you can see he is very cute as well. He is ready to go home to a loving family who will take care of him. Smudge was just bonded with a beautiful chocolate Dutch bunny named Poppy. They are a very happy couple. If you would like to meet Smudge, contact us at hrsmissouri [at] aol.com.

Smudge is spayed/neutered.

Get in touch with the MO House Rabbit Society to learn more about Poppy and Smudge, or to meet some of the other wonderful bunnies they have available for adoption. (Carlos and Maria, for example, are still in need of a forever home. Hint, hint, wink, wink. Yeah, yeah, so they’re staying with another rescue group, but my point stands.)


Each Wednesday, the Kansas City Freecycle blog will feature one adoptable animal from a local KC rescue group or animal shelter.

We do this for several reasons:

– To highlight the plight of abused, neglected and/or homeless non-human animals in the Kansas City (and surrounding) area.

– To remind members of our no-animal policy, and provide an alternative venue for members who wish to adopt an unwanted animal companion.

– To encourage members to adopt a furry, feathered or scaled friend.

– To help out out local animal rescue groups and animal shelters, many of which are overwhelmed by the sheer number of animals in need.

– To illustrate these animals’ unique personalities and characteristics, thus underscoring the fact that they are not objects and should not be “freecycled”.

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