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“Featured Adoptable Wednesday” is now “Find-a-Friend Friday”!

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Hey, (ex-) freecyclers! Do you miss the daily dose of cuteness that was Featured Adoptable Wednesday? The lack of fuzzy wuzzy cats, dogs and bunnies got you down? Are you suffering from Petfinder withdrawal?

Fear not! While the Featured Adoptable column that was previously hosted in this here space is no longer, I’ve resurrected the feature on another blog. Behold: Find-a-Friend Friday! All the adorableness you’ve come to expect, but now with an occasional dose of social commentary. Also: writeups on Kansas City-area events, a focus on food justice, and more pizza than you can shake a beer at. Come for the nonhumans, stay for the food (which, incidentally, does not contain the bodies or secretions of exploited nonhumans!).


Guess what? Wiggle butt!
Photos courtesy Halfway Home Pet Adoptions.

This is Beetle, a sweet pit bull terrier boy, and our very first friend in need of finding. Head on over to the PPP blog to learn more about Beetle, or jump straight to his Petfinder listing.

Later, gators. (See you around, bloodhound?)

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